Paul Baker

I have been a student of Bath Guitar School for almost two years. If I was going to try and describe my experience in a few words it would be ‘tailored’ and ‘well-rounded’ lessons. Richard is happy to go at the pace of the learner and adjust the lessons as needed to accommodate individual progress. Some weeks I pick things up more quickly than other weeks, and Richard is happy to let my learning dictate the pace. My lessons are also a great mix of playing, technical skills and theory. The lessons are led by learning new songs and along the way we work on the technical skills and guitar theory for that song, which keeps things very applied. And perhaps most important of all, my lessons are fun. Richard keeps a very casual and accessible environment to the lessons and so we often have a good laugh along the way. Highly recommended!

Kim Grant

Richard is a fantastic teacher. He shows a huge amount of expertise, patience and good humour whilst he is keen to get results through building up his student’s confidence. Our 9 year old daughter Wren started 2 years ago as a complete beginner (with non-musical parents). She absolutely loves going to lessons with Richard each week. As with a lot of beginners, she finds practicing in between times a lot more challenging. However, Richard keeps finding ways to engage and encourage her to build good habits and to persevere. The performance opportunities Richard schedules throughout the year including; Studio ‘band rehearsals’ with fellow students, two concerts at Moles and busking for charity at the Christmas Market, provide a much broader, impactful experience for the students. We are very grateful to have found Richard and would recommend this school wholeheartedly!

Paul Stansall

For me Richard’s approach to teaching guitar, is proving ideal. I love songs, I love the guitar and now I enjoy performing. He has helped me put all three elements together so that after regular lessons and near daily practice, I’m gaining in confidence. On top of this, Richard’s Acoustic Club sessions provides a friendly setting with space and facilities to perform songs and swap notes with student colleagues. This has given me a clear target to aim for each month. Richard’s passion for music, his dedication to teaching and wide musical knowledge encourages me to look forward to what’s coming next in my guitar playing.

Mari & Pete

Richard has been such an inspiring teacher. Our son has been able to learn to play the electric guitar in a way that has stayed fresh and interesting. Richard’s teaching style is intuitive, calm and humorous and he is able to differentiate the information easily to suit our child’s needs. We were very impressed by how quickly our son was able to play a list of well known riffs only weeks after starting lessons. Our sons confidence has been greatly boosted by starting these lessons. Being able to play the guitar has deepened his love of music. In addition the opportunity to play in band workshops and perform on stage at Moles is a fantastic experience and a very special part of what Bath Guitar School offers its students.

Fabien Courtois

Our daughter has always wanted to play the guitar, and luckily we found Richard! He has been teaching her for 8 months, and we are impressed to see what she is able to play already, she is only 7 years old. June is rather reserved of character, Richard gave her a lot of confidence in her, we appreciate his relational and professional qualities. June loves going to his classes. It’s a beautiful meeting between a student and a teacher! The work is serious accompanied by humour. Our daughter is learning very fast. Well done Richard and June! And thanks for everything, Richard, You are very brilliant 🙂

Emma Hollingsworth

My son started guitar lessons with Richard when he needed to take on a new skill for his Duke of Edinburgh award. He has hugely enjoyed Richard’s lessons and has found him really easy company. He has been able to explore the music he likes too and not be bound by the rigid structures of a grading system. Thanks Richard!

Helen Nurse

Richard has been teaching both my children guitar for a number of years. As well as being great fun, the wide range of extra-curricular events that he organises enable his students to regularly experience playing as a band and performing in pubic. He is extremely professional, reliable and well-organised. Parents are regularly informed of their children’s achievements and he always finds time for a quick chat after lessons. Richard is a superb teacher and the kids have made fantastic progress since he has been teaching them! Thanks from us all, Richard!

Andrew Collins

Richard has been a fantastic guitar teacher. Within a short while he had me writing my own music which is never something I thought I would be able to do. There is no set structure and he will tailor his lessons around what the student wants to get out of it. Highly recommended, If you want to improve and not just learn from set material, go to Bath Guitar School!

Michael Wright

Richard’s personable approach is a part of each lesson. Each lesson feels tailored to you. Lessons move as fast, or as slow, as I make progress. I am amazed by the progress I have made so far and wish I had found Richard and the Bath Guitar School sooner!

Jacqui Crowther

Richard is a very inspirational tutor and a true professional in his field and his students really get a great deal out of his lessons. I would recommend him 100% to anyone thinking of either taking up the guitar for the first time or more advanced students wishing to return to playing.