Emma Hollingsworth

My son started guitar lessons with Richard when he needed to take on a new skill for his Duke of Edinburgh award. He has hugely enjoyed Richard’s lessons and has found him really easy company. He has been able to explore the music he likes too and not be bound by the rigid structures of a grading system. Thanks Richard!

Helen Nurse

Richard has been teaching both my children guitar for a number of years. As well as being great fun, the wide range of extra-curricular events that he organises enable his students to regularly experience playing as a band and performing in pubic. He is extremely professional, reliable and well-organised. Parents are regularly informed of their children’s achievements and he always finds time for a quick chat after lessons. Richard is a superb teacher and the kids have made fantastic progress since he has been teaching them! Thanks from us all, Richard!

Andrew Collins

Richard has been a fantastic guitar teacher. Within a short while he had me writing my own music which is never something I thought I would be able to do. There is no set structure and he will tailor his lessons around what the student wants to get out of it. Highly recommended, If you want to improve and not just learn from set material, go to Bath Guitar School!

Kate Bassil

My 9 year old son has had guitar lessons with Richard for nearly 3 years now. Richard makes the lessons fun and encourages children to participate in workshops. My son especially enjoyed his first “gig” at the Parade Gardens last year. Highly recommended!

Rebecca Hodson

Richard at Bath Guitar School has made the undertaking of guitar lessons for children easy. From a parents’ point of view it is so helpful to have a teacher who is so approachable, contactable, open to suggestions and flexible to the needs of individual children. Even as beginners the children are invited to join workshops and even busks for charity at Christmas. Beginners can start to have fun from day one!

Jo & Nick Horwood

Richard has been teaching our 7 year old son Sam for 12 months and it has been wonderful to see him gain so much enjoyment from the lessons. He has always loved rock music and really respects Richard who certainly knows how to keep his interest in learning the guitar.

The music he learns is not your boring standard guitar lesson fare with Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Kaiser Chiefs being more the order of the day. The recent guitar workshop was a particular highlight along with the Christmas busking in Bath, both were great for building confidence and enjoying the guitar in different environments.

It is through these positive experiences that our son was really keen to buy his electric guitar with his own savings. Creative learning, great communication, passion and lots of fun!

Michael Wright

Richard’s personable approach is a part of each lesson. Each lesson feels tailored to you. Lessons move as fast, or as slow, as I make progress. I am amazed by the progress I have made so far and wish I had found Richard and the Bath Guitar School sooner!

Jacqui Crowther

Richard is a very inspirational tutor and a true professional in his field and his students really get a great deal out of his lessons. I would recommend him 100% to anyone thinking of either taking up the guitar for the first time or more advanced students wishing to return to playing.

Jon Doble

The Bath Guitar School experience has been one of encouragement and (much needed) patience from Richard who is a skilled musician and innovative teacher. There are lots of places providing lessons but if you want to learn and grow in confidence and have some fun, then give Richard Perkins a call; you won’t regret it.

David Bond

It doesn’t hurt that Richard is an excellent musician in his own right, and his enthusiasm for playing is obvious. The great thing is that this passion transfers itself to the student’s own experience. My son has always enjoyed being part of the creative process that Richard engenders. He leaves the session keen to play more. I have no hesitation in recommending him without reservation and feel fortunate that I found him and his school.