Dylan Ambasna-Jones

The ‘one on one’ tuition really helped me improve my speed, skill and general knowledge of music. As well as this, there are various workshops to take part in where you can use what you have learned in lessons with other students, forming a band. Without Bath Guitar School I would’ve given up on music years ago. But thanks to Richard I have my Grade 5 guitar grade and more confidence, skill and enjoyment.

David Lawrence

Richard is a knowledgeable and friendly guy who has a relaxed manner. He is quite free to let you suggest things to learn that you enjoy listening to or can recommend things within that genre to progress your learning. Learning to play the guitar can be quite a commitment and Richard has been very supportive when I’ve found it difficult or felt that my overall progress was not satisfactory. I highly recommend.

Lynda Thompson

Richard has really fired our son’s enthusiasm for music and guitar playing. After the second lesson, he proudly played a ‘riff’ from a well-known rock song, amazing us all with his performance!

His confidence has really grown and he has felt a sense of achievement and progression after each and every session, wanting to share what he has learnt. A real strength of Richard’s approach is to use well-known songs, which are recognisable when played by a guitar beginner! Listening to the original and then hearing himself produce the same sounds has really motivated and empowered our son.

Thank you, Richard, for helping to create a genuine ‘Guitar Hero’!!!

Sandy Popham

Fraser has been having lessons for 4 years and I never fail to be impressed with the fantastic job Richard does. As well as giving him a thorough grounding in guitar skills, Richard has given Fraser so many opportunities to perform (including for Party in the City in Parade Gardens and Royalty – Xmas lights on Milsom Street in Bath, 2010) resulting in many memorable evenings. I have no doubt that Richard’s organisational and interpersonal skills will ensure that The Bath Guitar School will continue to go from strength to strength.

Sally Bevan

My son is aged 9 and heard about the Bath Guitar School via one of his school friends. From the moment he had his first lesson, he has just LOVED learning the electric guitar with Richard. Prior to that he had acoustic guitar lessons at school, but these were quite formal, and it didn’t feel as if he made much progress.

Unlike the school lessons, my son can’t wait to attend lessons with Richard Perkins at Bath Guitar School, and he is eager to practice at home. Richard finds a way of capturing the enthusiasm of a 9 year old boy, and mixes this with contemporary music, so that everything being learnt feels very current. Richard is also able to talk to children at their own level, and they don’t feel talked down to in any way.

Most recently, my son attended one of the Monsters of Rock band workshops. He adored the whole thing and was thrilled to see his performance on YouTube. The parents were invited to hear them play at the end of the afternoon and they were (amazingly!) tuneful!

Richard also follows up the guitar lessons with good communication online, so that all the pupils feel involved as part of a club. I believe half of his class at school has now enrolled for lessons!

Kirti Ambasna-Jones

We can’t thank Richard enough; it’s been a brilliant year for our son. Richard has three super qualities as a guitar teacher:

– His enthusiasm and knowledge of the bigger things – Richard is involved in so many music ventures, giving the opportunity for students to play as a group and perform publicly.

– Richard has a good connection with young people and understands what makes them tick.

– My son’s guitar ability and interest has been fired up and he practices before and after lessons – because he wants to, not because he has to.

Finally, Richard is a brilliant communicator; he has links on all social media and this helps parents to link in with him and feel more involved in their children’s musical world.

Caroline Hodge

My daughter, Florence, aged 10, has regular guitar lessons with Richard Perkins when she returns to the UK from Abu Dhabi during school holidays. Richard’s many years of experience both teaching and playing guitar, has given Florence the opportunity and confidence to learn more demanding songs, and Richard is quick to point out and address any areas of weakness. It helps that Florence also finds him a great deal of fun to learn with!

Calum Mattocks

I’ve been taking lessons from Richard at Bath Guitar School for two years and my playing and understanding of guitar have both improved by a huge amount. It’s good to be taught by someone who is patient and has a knack for explaining things so that they can be understood when you’re struggling a bit. It’s also a pleasure to be taught by a teacher who likes and has a lot of enthusiasm for all sorts of music.

Nicola Liu

My son has been having lessons with Richard for 6 months now and, although he had several guitar teachers before, the improvement in his playing and his general interest in guitar music has been dramatic. We discovered Richard via his Blues Jam Workshop for the Mid-Somerset Festival and his active involvement with the musical community in Bath meant he was able to give Olly the opportunity to play with the Bath Guitar School Band at the opening night of the Bath International Music Festival (Party in the City) and the Bath Christmas Lights Switch On which Olly absolutely loved. Richard is so much more than just a great guitar teacher. He interacts with Olly at every musical level discussing bands, suggesting books, CD’s, pedals and even helping with his choice of guitar. As a parent I find him friendly, flexible and professional and I highly recommend him.

Gina Edge

I came to Richard as a songwriter hoping to expand my knowledge of chord shapes and sequences, improve my guitar-playing technique, and increase my knowledge of music theory. Richard was fabulous in catering each lesson to my goals. I found that not only was he a highly experienced guitarist with a vast knowledge of music theory and expertise in every genre, but he was able to provided excellent creative input in my own songwriting. He is a fun and engaging instructor and I would recommend him to anyone, whether they are a beginner or an experienced guitarist.