Austen O’Hanlon

Richard is a fantastic guitar teacher. Our son has been taught by him for over two and a half years. It has been wonderful to see how he has flourished during this time. I never thought that after such a short time he would be playing complex solos, reading music and playing in live performances such as the excellent biannual club nights at Moles night club. Our son had two teachers prior to Richard and he made very little progress in comparison.

Claudia Rogers

Richard is s fantastic guitar teacher and I thoroughly recommend him to anyone thinking about taking up guitar lessons either for themselves or for their children . My son has had electric guitar lessons with Richard since 2016 and loves it.

Richard is very approachable and has a gift for communicating with children and young people. He meets them where they’re at and by teaching contemporary music and well known riffs even from the first lesson onward, his pupils have a sense of achievement and success early on. Regular workshops, student showcase evenings and the traditional charitable Christmas Busk in central Bath enable his pupils to experience playing together and to meet other guitar students.

John Long

Richard is a great teacher! I’m an adult beginner, and absolutely loving the classic songs we’re learning. Nice guy too – lessons are always good fun.

Sarjana Makepeace

I am an adult beginner and have been learning acoustic guitar from Richard for about 6 months. I didn’t know how and where to start learning but Richard guided me in the right direction. I liked the lessons because they are fun, gentle and have structure. The studio location is great and price is reasonable. His teaching is very clear and easy to follow.

Natalie Avery

Our daughter has been having lessons with Richard for about 2 years and has absolutely loved it. Richard’s approach using classic rock tunes and making it super fun has inspired her to fall passionately into the electric guitar. Such a great teacher.

Claire Williams

Richard at Bath Guitar School has been teaching my daughter for over a year now. She started lessons as part of her DofE award but loved it so much she wanted to continue. She’s learnt so much in that time and Richard always makes the lessons fun and engaging and cool. If you’re looking to learn the guitar – whatever age – then I can highly recommend Bath Guitar School.

Rachael Martins

Richard has been teaching my daughter for just over a year and she loves her lessons. I like that Richard isn’t just teaching her how to play the guitar but teaches music theory as well, and is introducing her to some very cool music along the way! He tailors his teaching to each of his students and makes it fun, lessons during lockdown were really good and well managed but we are really pleased to be getting back to face to face lessons!

Joshua Roberton

Richard is an excellent teacher, and his guitar school really does strike a perfect balance between having fun and playing seriously. Our son spent 6+ years under Richard’s tutelage, and in that time he not only learnt a great deal about the guitar and guitar-driven music, but also got to perform in a string of the guitar school’s fantastic showcase gigs.

The whole experience was very positive, and I think really helped our son with his ability to focus, and also built his confidence in getting out there. It’s not an easy thing, to get up on a stage in front of an audience, and I’d say that it’s entirely down to Richard’s engagement and enthusiasm, that these kids can do just that.

I highly recommend Bath Guitar School to any children (or adults!) who feel inspired to pick up the guitar and give it a go.

Rob Shiels

I’m probably one of Richard’s older students since learning to play the guitar was something on my list of things I wanted to do in retirement. I started learning when I enrolled at the IGF week-long summer school in Bath. Richard happened to be the tutor for the absolute beginners class and this proved very fortunate for me.

When he plays it is immediately obvious that he has great musicality, combined with incredible skill and yet he is able to simplify the complex and make music easy for the less able. He demonstrates huge levels of patience and has a variety of “work around” techniques to ensure that the beginner can still produce a good sound without needing to replicate the more difficult moves that an expert might use. He is also good at making sure his students understand the need for regular practice since playing well is not an easy thing for most people unless they develop the “muscle memories” in their hands.

I really enjoy playing now and the satisfaction is wonderful knowing that I have access to a good local teacher who can make sure that my progress continues. I have managed to play in company with others and made some good sounds as well as writing and performing some of my own songs. Three years ago I would never have dreamed of doing this and Richard can take the credit for keeping me on a path that improves steadily.

Helen Rollinson

Richard, at Bath Guitar School, has been teaching my 15 year old daughter to play guitar for about a year. She was practically a beginner when she started and has progressed enormously.

Richard is a fantastic teacher creating the right balance of professionalism, and fun, in the lessons. He encourages his pupils to explore their own musical preferences and my daughter has really enjoyed learning and practicing on her latest favourite tunes.

Richard’s enthusiasm for all things guitar is contagious and every week my daughter leaves her lesson motivated and inspired to persevere and improve. The lessons are well organised and communications through the regular newsletters and website are brilliant. Richard is very personable and the lessons have become a highlight of the week; and I can’t recommend him highly enough!