Di Marsh

We looked at a few teachers for our son and thankfully decided on Richard. He is the perfect teacher for our 9 year old. He’s patient, kind and just seems to “get him”. Small wonder he enjoys going week after week and makes good progress each time. His concentration has improved and the desire to practise is so much greater.

In a short space of time Reilly has played in the performance with total confidence – even if it wasn’t 100% right – but that’s what Richard also instills…the belief that you CAN do it. Can’t rate highly enough…if your kid needs a teacher – don’t waste time looking anywhere else!

Anna Gillespie

My son Ruben learnt guitar for about four years with Richard. Initially, Ruben never practiced and Richard was very patient with this as I really wanted the lessons to be a pleasure for Ruben rather than being another pressure to add to the existing ones of school work. After a few years, as Ruben matured, things started to change and he would talk about the lessons more and what he and Richard had been discussing and what music they’d attempted.

For the last year of his time with Richard, Ruben ‘practiced’, or rather spontaneously picked up the guitar, almost every single day. It became his primary way of relaxing as opposed to looking at a screen. Ruben is now confident enough to play in public and sees his love of the guitar as part of who he is. He has stopped lessons now as he has chosen instead to start singing lessons, to which he takes….his guitar. It took time, and neither Richard nor I as Ruben’s mum, being pushy…but Ruben now has a gift for life.

Nicky Chatten

Richard’s a fantastic, humorous and patient teacher – he makes it really fun for them and they are playing proper tunes and riffs from day one. He also does tons of extras – band workshops, charity busks and other events – which give the kids great opportunities to play with others and on public. Really fantastic, I would recommend him as a teacher to anyone!

Jamie McGreggor

I have recently returned to having lessons with Richard after I stopped for my A level exams. I had never had any sort of music lessons before my guitar lessons when I was 16 but Richard has always been very encouraging and has always tried hard to keep my interest in learning guitar on the same high level! The relaxed structure of the lessons is one of the main reasons for my return, as it makes the lesson more enjoyable and it means you can choose what you learn. I would recommend his guitar lessons to anyone and everyone!

Jaime Everard

Excellent teacher who can teach a massive range of styles. Richard’s teaching style makes the lessons really motivating . Theory is broken down into bite size chunks and applied to your favourite songs. I always come away from lessons having learnt something fantastic.

Sally Driver

I have been learning guitar with Richard for a year. The lessons are pitched at my level and Richard keeps it fresh and interesting. He is an excellent tutor and has both skill and patience. I am pleased with my progress and would highly recommend him.

Beccy Bray

We moved our son to Richard at Bath Guitar School after a couple of years of school based lessons as we were seeing a definite lack of motivation and interest. Richard seemed to work his magic immediately, the lessons are a fun highlight of his week now, with practice not being such a chore. We’ve seen real progress and a love of everything “rock”. It’s even a pleasure having to tell him to turn his amp down all the time!

Hazel Zanelli

Richard has been great with my daughter, she started guitar with him when she was 8. Richard has given her opportunities to play with groups at the Bath Music Festival and band workshops as well as fun one-to-one lessons. She always comes out of her lessons grinning – surely the most important indicator of great teaching! My daughter has made good progress, it’s great to see her rocking tunes on her guitar now. I would definitely recommend Bath School of Rock!

Sofie Ireland

If you are looking for a guitar teacher then please give Richard at Bath Guitar School a call. Richard is a fantastic teacher. My daugher is dyslexic and this affects her memory, speed of processing and focus/tiredness. Richard’s lessons have been perfect. He can judge when things are getting difficult and adjusts his approach to the moment. He pushes very gently but knows when to let things go. With great patience Richard has really got to understand how my daughter works and this has made guitar lessons something to look forward to.

My daughter has been having guitar lessons for about 2 years. At 13 years old she is not the most enthusiastic child but we don’t have to drag her to lessons and occasionally she will practice without any nagging. It is lovely to hear her practicing; she has learnt so much and this has given her confidence in other areas, not just the music. Richard also runs guitar workshops and community events. The opportunity to join these is always there but we have never felt pressurised to attend.

Rob Hotham

Having played bass guitar for a number of years, but not played for a few years. I decided approaching my retirement, that I would buy a six string electric guitar and take lessons to learn how to play. I discovered Bath Guitar School through the son of a very good friend of mine. I gave Richard a call and he agreed to take me on as a student. I have been taking lessons with Richard for nearly 3 years, and from my first lesson I knew I would get on well with him.

Richard has a great relaxed way of teaching, he never puts me under any pressure and allows me to learn at my own pace. Although I think I am a slow learner I feel I have achieved a lot with Richard’s teaching and knowledge. If you are thinking of learning to play the guitar (electric or acoustic) I would strongly recommend that you contact Richard at Bath Guitar School.