If you are looking for a guitar teacher then please give Richard at Bath Guitar School a call. Richard is a fantastic teacher. My daugher is dyslexic and this affects her memory, speed of processing and focus/tiredness. Richard’s lessons have been perfect. He can judge when things are getting difficult and adjusts his approach to the moment. He pushes very gently but knows when to let things go. With great patience Richard has really got to understand how my daughter works and this has made guitar lessons something to look forward to.

My daughter has been having guitar lessons for about 2 years. At 13 years old she is not the most enthusiastic child but we don’t have to drag her to lessons and occasionally she will practice without any nagging. It is lovely to hear her practicing; she has learnt so much and this has given her confidence in other areas, not just the music. Richard also runs guitar workshops and community events. The opportunity to join these is always there but we have never felt pressurised to attend.

October 3, 2022