My son is aged 9 and heard about the Bath Guitar School via one of his school friends. From the moment he had his first lesson, he has just LOVED learning the electric guitar with Richard. Prior to that he had acoustic guitar lessons at school, but these were quite formal, and it didn’t feel as if he made much progress.

Unlike the school lessons, my son can’t wait to attend lessons with Richard Perkins at Bath Guitar School, and he is eager to practice at home. Richard finds a way of capturing the enthusiasm of a 9 year old boy, and mixes this with contemporary music, so that everything being learnt feels very current. Richard is also able to talk to children at their own level, and they don’t feel talked down to in any way.

Most recently, my son attended one of the Monsters of Rock band workshops. He adored the whole thing and was thrilled to see his performance on YouTube. The parents were invited to hear them play at the end of the afternoon and they were (amazingly!) tuneful!

Richard also follows up the guitar lessons with good communication online, so that all the pupils feel involved as part of a club. I believe half of his class at school has now enrolled for lessons!

June 2, 2019