I’m probably one of Richard’s older students since learning to play the guitar was something on my list of things I wanted to do in retirement. I started learning when I enrolled at the IGF week-long summer school in Bath. Richard happened to be the tutor for the absolute beginners class and this proved very fortunate for me.

When he plays it is immediately obvious that he has great musicality, combined with incredible skill and yet he is able to simplify the complex and make music easy for the less able. He demonstrates huge levels of patience and has a variety of “work around” techniques to ensure that the beginner can still produce a good sound without needing to replicate the more difficult moves that an expert might use. He is also good at making sure his students understand the need for regular practice since playing well is not an easy thing for most people unless they develop the “muscle memories” in their hands.

I really enjoy playing now and the satisfaction is wonderful knowing that I have access to a good local teacher who can make sure that my progress continues. I have managed to play in company with others and made some good sounds as well as writing and performing some of my own songs. Three years ago I would never have dreamed of doing this and Richard can take the credit for keeping me on a path that improves steadily.

September 13, 2022