Testimonials Bath Mums

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Kate Bassil

My 9 year old son has had guitar lessons with Richard for nearly 3 years now. Richard makes the lessons fun and encourages children to participate in workshops. My son especially enjoyed his first “gig” at the parade gardens last year. Highly recommended.

Jane Middleton

Richard has been teaching my son, Luke, guitar for 4 years and during that time I have been hugely impressed by his energy, enthusiasm and commitment. He has been very good at engaging with Luke, and tailors his teaching to what his pupils want to learn rather than forcing them down a set route. There are plenty of extra-curricular activities, such as an annual Christmas busk and regular Monsters of Rock workshops. Richard really goes the extra mile, with invaluable advice on where to buy guitars, accessories etc, and is very efficient at helping time-challenged parents like me stay on top of the lesson schedule when it’s disrupted by school holidays etc!

Andrea Macaulay

My son Josh has been having lessons with Richard for just over a year now. Josh has poor word storage, ie he has problems filing words in his head, which causes difficulties in learning new words, learning what words mean, remembering a word when he wants to say it and understanding words that are said to him. Hence Josh is very under confident. Richard has helped Josh build up his confidence and every week Josh is enthusiastic about going to the lessons. He remembers all the rock riffs that he is taught with great ease. The Guitar Workshop filled Josh with dread but he performed with the other children and really enjoyed himself. Richard is a great tutor and I would certainly recommend him to one and all.

Rebecca Hodson

Richard at Bath Guitar School has made the undertaking of guitar lessons for children easy. From a parents’ point of view it is so helpful to have a teacher who is so approachable, contactable, open to suggestions and flexible to the needs of individual children. Even as beginners the children are invited to join workshops and even busks for charity at Christmas. Beginners can start to have fun from day one.

Tim Porch

Richard has been teaching my 9 yr old son Cameron for almost a year. From the very first lesson Cameron has been enthusiastic, excited and keen to learn. Cameron has found Richard engaging and adaptable in teaching him a broad repertoire of rock riffs – new and classic. Richard harnesses the interest of the student to get great results. Cameron’s confidence and his skill level have been very much boosted under Richard’s tuition. Such events as the guitar workshop have been valuable, and we hope there will be more to come. Cameron has latterly joined Richard with the Xmas Busks in aid of Macmillan. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Richard for tuition, to both young and not so young.

Nick & Jo Horwood

Richard has been teaching my 7 year old son Sam for some 11 months and it has been wonderful to see him gain so much enjoyment from the lessons. He has always loved rock music and really respects Richard who certainly knows how to keep his interest in learning the guitar. The music Sam learns is not your boring standard guitar lesson fare with Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Kaiser Chiefs being more the order of the day. The recent guitar workshop was a particular highlight along with the Christmas busking in Bath. both were great for building confidence and enjoying the guitar in different environments. It is through these positive experiences that Sam was really keen to buy his electric guitar with his own savings. Creative learning, great communication, passion and lots of fun!

Rebecca Whincup

My 7 year old son has been having lessons for a few months with Richard and I’ve been impressed by how accessible and fun he makes the daunting task of learning a new instrument. Richard has built up a rapport with George which has really helped sustain his motivation to practice and his interest in the instrument. This is what George says about Richard: “As well as learning lots of stuff it’s also fun and he is very friendly. Richard makes it easy to make good progress. Plus he’s very enthusiastic.”

Lucy O’Shea

My 5 year old daughter goes to Richard for lessons. I sit in so that I can help with her practice. He teaches her so much more than guitar. He provides a window into music and relates to her really well, organising the lessons to be a mixture of responding to her and leading her in her development. I really hope that she sticks to it as I think it will help her in many other aspects than simply pure enjoyment, which of course is reason enough for doing the guitar.