Complete Acoustic Guitarist Holiday

Are you looking to study the techniques and approaches of some of the Acoustic guitars great players? If so, our Complete Acoustic Guitarist course will explore the styles and concepts the great acoustic guitar strummers, fingerstylists and bluesmen, focussing on finger picking, rhythm strumming and classic tunes from the great acoustic guitar songbook.

Topics covered will include:

  • Rhythm strumming
  • Finger picking patterns
  • Expanding your chord vocabulary
  • Experiment with a variety of tempos, boogies, shuffles and swing rhythms
  • Explore open tunings – DADGAD and DADF#AD
  • Learn how to use a capo (including partial capo)
  • Common chord progressions
  • Demystifying music theory

Style focus, technique, theory and group jamming will be presented on a broad and deep level during this fantastic week. During this course you will be able to focus solely on your guitar playing and relax in the beautiful countryside.

Richard Perkins, one of the UK’s foremost Guitar educators, founder of Bath Guitar School, will help you increase your scale, chord and phrasing knowledge so you can leave this magical week with a greater confidence, licks, tricks and rhythm chops!


The course is structured so that the morning tutorials are relaxed and informal creating a supportive group atmosphere with plenty of time set aside in the afternoon for you to practice and consolidate what you have been learning. Richard Perkins is always on hand to help, giving of advice and expert tips. All classes are taught in a relaxed and supportive environment with practical demonstrations throughout.


This course is a beginner/intermediate level course and we would expect a participant who is best suited for this level to be able to play basic open chords, some scales and have begun to develop some degree of fluency with moving between open chord shapes.

What to bring

What to bring – acoustic guitar, plectrums, capo, tuner and note book. Please feel free to use audio and video recording equipment during the day. Headphones are recommended for your own playback. You will be provided with course material as well as blank tab and chord box sheets. Music and guitar stands are also provided.


Your course tutor, Richard Perkins, will keep an online daily blog throughout your holiday that will document your daily learning with detailed explanations, photos and videos. The perfect virtual postcard for friends and family back home as well as a fantastic learning resource on your return home!